We're growing opportunity for youth and community.


Our Mission

Transforming community health, wealth, and vitality by reimagining our relationships to food and farming.



We understand that living healthily involves much more than a visit to the doctor’s office. Factors like food & nutrition, education, our environment, economic opportunity and social connections are just as important as a regular check up. By increasing access & opportunity, we can transform health right in our own neighborhoods, schools and home.


We see opportunity where many people see challenges. Through strong collaboration, our farms and programs build on the strengths of our communities to create empowering opportunities for education, mentorship, leadership and entrepreneurship.


We believe that inclusion and stewardship are at the heart of healthy communities. This is why we invest in authentic placemaking that creates shared, spontaneously-grown places that address community needs and encourage discovery & collaboration while enriching our lives & neighborhoods.


Our Farm

We’re so excited that farming and fresh food are coming back to the East End. Seeing young people learn about farming and regrowing their food roots is what we need to keep lifting up our families and community.
— Fairfield Resident