Grow On! makes learning real

Too many students in the Richmond region face a seemingly unbridgeable opportunity gap: decades of racial and economic inequality, geographic isolation, and disinvestment in public services have formed a significant disparity in equitable access to education, employment, and personal success opportunities.

Through years of community feedback and research we developed Grow On!β€”an innovative youth development experience that leverages the transformative power of food and farming to foster the academic and life skills crucial to living a healthy and fulfilling life. From seed to sale, our middle and high school students operate and manage an agricultural enterprise where they produce, process, and package thousands of pounds of quality, nutritious fruit and veggies that they distribute through farmstands, markets, and events right in their own communities.

Grow On! Makes learning real. The experience of learning to operate a small business provides young people a chance to apply academic content in a real world environment while building empowering skills in food and financial literacy, civic engagement,

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