Want a uniquely gratifying experience of supporting community food systems and learning more about sustainable farming practices? Then our work share opportunity is for you!

A work share member is someone who commits to volunteering on a weekly basis at Cornerstone Farm. In exchange for one shift a week, we will provide work share members with a share of our weekly fresh vegetable and fruit harvest.

applicants should:

  • Possess a commitment to Community Food Collaborative’s mission, values, and goals

  • Have consistent and reliable attendance and good work ethic

  • Be able to preform physical farm tasks


  • Tuesdays or Fridays 8am-12pm

  • The week of April 29th to the week of October 28th

  • One 4 hour shift must be completed on the same day each week (one flex week is built into the schedule)

what you get:

  • Each week you’ll get to take home a share of our seasonal harvest!

  • Take a look at our CSA page to get an idea of what our offerings each week are like!

Additional Information & Expectations:

  • You will be expected to develop a reasonable level of skill, speed, and rhythm with various jobs over the course of a season. You will participate in a wide variety of tasks that include:

    • planting, harvesting, washing, and packing produce

    • assisting with greenhouse maintenance

    • managing compost

    • assisting with farm upkeep and operational maintenance i.e. mowing grass, weeding, thinning, and turning over production beds

  • Must be able to perform physical labor throughout the 4-hour shift.

    • Physical demands may include lifting, bending, kneeling, sitting, squatting, standing, carrying, pulling, etc.  

  • The standard of trade for a full share of produce is one 4-hour shift of volunteer labor per week, which must be completed in one shift, on the same day each week (Tuesday or Friday).

  • The work share program will run from the week of April 29th to the week of October 28th. The first week will be an orientation.

  • Missed hours should be made up as soon as possible. This can be done by putting in the time on a different day (as agreed upon with the farmers) or staying longer on other shifts. Please coordinate such arrangements with as much advance notice as possible. With prior arrangements, you may also work extra hours in advance of taking time off. Work share members will have one flex week available for the entire season.

  • On days where weather prevents farmers from working due to dangerous conditions, shifts will be postponed. However, farming is an all weather activity and often even in inclement weather our operations must continue. Your help, dedication, and hard work are more important than usual at these times so please keep this in mind when applying.

  • Always dress appropriately with respect to weather and the fact that Cornerstone Community Farm is on public school property.

  • Take pride in your work while having fun and learning exciting and interesting things about nature, food systems, community health, and biological farming.

  • Children of work share members are welcome to join them on their shift. If they are of age to be helpful, their time is not accounted as part of the member share. Any young children being present will not interfere with the work of the member or other farm staff. Community Food Collaborative is not liable for harm or injury resulting from unattended or inattentive children on the farm. All children are the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.

QUESTIONS? email for more information